Take the guess work out of security.
Streamline Identity Management.
As more and more security threats overburden scarce technology resources, companies are vulnerable to risks that will be expensive to mitigate.
Single Sign-on Solutions
Remembering multiple passwords that expire every few months can be a challenge for employees and customers. It leads to passwords stored in computer files or sticky notes leading to unsecured passwords. Single sign-on solution solves this issue by propagating authentication to various systems within and organization or over the internet without disclosing passwords to every entity.

Single sign-on technologies have a come a long way since the last decade. Proprietary technologies are not replaced with standards based authentication and authorization techniques, hence, allowing for easy integration and portability.

Over the last decade, INTELILOGIX Inc. has helped many customers implement single sign-on technologies to streamline their business processes.

Former Sun IDM Customers

After a thorough assessment of your current IAM implementation, we will provide you with a complete solution for migration to a new IAM platform suitable to your budget and future direction. We can implement technologies from various vendors in the market.